Dancing and Singing For The Orishas 2016

Three workshops on song and dance from the Afro - Cuban Orisha tradition of Santeria. Daniela De Armas,leader of The London Lucumi Choir taught songs for two Orishas each month, accompanied by the live bata drums of The Axis Trio. Dances for those Orishas were taught by a different professional Cuban folkloric dancer each month, accompanied by live singing and drumming. The aim was to experience the link between the song,the dance and the drum in this genre. Participants could learn just the singing, just the dancing or both.

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10th January 2016
14th February 2016
13th March 2016

Singing: 1.30pm - 3.00pm Singing for Dancers until 4.30pm
Dance: 3.00pm - 4.30pm

The New Art Exchange
39 - 41 Gregory Blvd, 
NG7 6BE 

Singing for the Orishas is at the heart of many Cuban musical traditions. The percussive accompaniment of these songs in all its forms is at the root of much popular Cuban music from Rumba to Salsa to Timba. The songs are beautifully melodic, rhythmic and uplifting.

10th January - This Dance session was taught by Cuban folkloric dancer, Alicia Bueno Atie. Alicia danced for 25 years with Raices Profundas Folkloric dance company Directed by Juan de Dios Ramos, one of the most famous folkloric performers / teachers in Cuba, with whom she performed throughout Cuba and internationally. 


Lazaro Lopez was unavailable for the class on 14th Februrary so we were very fortunate to work with Etian Antuche Almeida.

Born in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba, Etian Antuche Almeida is a graduate of the internationally acclaimed Escuela Nacional de Arte (ENA) in Havana. Etian has worked as a choreographer with the Folkloric Dance Company of Pinar Del Rio and as a teacher with the Compania de Danza Contemporanea of Pinar Del Rio. Now based in the UK, Etian is one of the most talented and versatile dancers from Cuba. He gives one hundred percent at whatever task he has in mind, whether it i Cuban Popular dance, contemporary or folkloric. he will bring body movement, attention to detail and years of training and expertise to this Orisha dance Class.

Etian taught steps for Ogun and also the movement of Chacha lokefun which are important steps for all Orisha dance. His focus will be on movement, connecting with the drums and general body care while dancing. For video of Etian's class click here.
Photo Credit for Etian above: Deborah Jaffe


13th March - Dance Session three was taught by Idalberto Alcala an international master of Cuban Dance, ex Havana Night Choreographer and Performer and nine times winner of the world renowned Havana carnival for best Choreography,costume and performance. For video of Idalberto's class click here:


Song Sessions £12.50 / £10 Concs. 
Dance Sessions: £12.50 / £10 Concs. 
Both Sessions: £18.50 / £15 Concs. 

For more information please contact:
Richard Kensington: 07957 209 930