Richard Kensington

Professional Percussionist since 1998

I've had the pleasure and good fortune to play with some hugely talented people in my life. I've learnt a great deal from all of them and I try to bring all of that experience to every new musical situaltion I find myself in. Music is never ending, there is always something new to learn, somewhere new to play or someone new to play with or listen to. It truly is the gift that keeps giving. Here is a brief synopsis of what I've been up to since starting out with Mas Y Mas in 1998. 

Bands I'm currently playing with:                           

Mas Y Mas since 1998

Rich & Famous since 2007

The Last Pedestrians since 2010

Gaffa since 2012

Bands I previously played with: 




Orquesta Timbala

Bass Tone Slap 


I've seen on countless occasions the power music has to inspire, enthuse, build confidence and develop self esteem in children and young people. Drumming with other people creates group cohesion, develops listening skills, coordination, concentration and focus. 

I facilitate group drumming/ percussion workshops that range in focus between rhythm skills, group playing, basic technique on drums, building polyrhythms and rythmic arrangements, creativity and teaching the traditions that I've had first hand experience in. 

Where possible my work in Education has included long term involvement with schools and other groups but I have also delivered countless 'one off' sessions introducing many people to drumming for the first time.

Some of the places I have worked over a long period of time inlcude:

Nottingham Music School 2003 - 2010. I ran the African Drumming/ World Music module for 7 years. 

Rufford Infants 2002 - 2011. I delivered creative percussion sessions for 5 days per half term for 9 years. 

Youth Music Mentoring 2006 - 2010. I ran a weekly drumming group at The Arts in Education Centre in Nottingham with a focus on mentoring young people through music. 

Thorneywood Education Base 2008 - Present. I work with small groups of children and young people who are outside mainstream education. 

Timberos Del Futuro - This youth group developed independently out of Nottingham music school and got really good at playing congas! Here they are below on tour with Nottingham Music School in 2007.